Sticky: The Guide

•September 20, 2012 • 3 Comments

When I first started this whole blogging venture I had this thing where I would write something on a certain date and make sure my post reflected that same date even if I officially posted days later. I’m not exactly sure why I found the need to do that, perhaps to keep a timeline of sorts. Either way, at the time it made sense. However, I recently started writing on whims without paying much attention to dates and ended up receiving my first few “likes” from (gasp) people I didn’t know! It had never occurred to me others might actually stumble upon my blog, but now that I know a small few have and enjoy my posts I’ve decided to create a type of guide that explains how I have things set up. I have all kinds of posts and while some categories may be obvious others may not be. Hence, the following:

>>The Grid: This category contains all that I have found interesting and/or ridiculous about our society.

>>Muses – A Collection: This category contains a collection of writings that have been inspired by people I’ve met/ know.

>>Art, Music, Books, Games, Television & Film: These categories contain all things media related.

If I add any others I will list them here as a “heads up” to what you can expect.

To all those who have passed through and left a “like” or a comment… Thank you!

High Altitude (Remix 5.26)

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What becomes… is this.

To think… it was.

What is… just is.

Sometimes nothing, yet at times everything.

The is, the was, the no more.

Off It went.

It seemed to escape all senses.

Evaporated hope entangled with faded sequential blocks of past.

To look forward to a day one falls blind into a general abyss;

the ignorance of past self.

If only for a day.

If only for a moment.

To know and feel the haze of a smile.

To live in the moment.

Child-like bliss.

Mr. Random’s Reminders

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The veil of perfection has been moved- slowly- upward to reveal ones true face. What happened?

…to what/ who was known so intimately.

With each strike we harden- heart blackens while the soul evaporates on each note

the pain- almost unbearable yet, wanted as a reminder that through it all it is a gift, a step, towards forgetting.

Quadrant X

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Even in company-
Engulfed by solitude.
Searching memory bank-
Never known it to be otherwise.

Turning Points

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What can come from such turning points- numerous and in chunks?

What meanings are to be discovered? Who will emerge in the end of such darkness- hurt, despair, anger…

What sliver of light seen will be met with limited joy for darkness is sure to consume one’s heart- witnessed and accepted.

Former acquaintances, we meet again, this time one will not stray.


Revenge – Quote

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In its purest form a union becomes part of our very essence, but when that bond is broken- our essence is forever changed.


Shahid’s Heart

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When what is

what should be

or could be

does not coincide with what has to be…

it becomes something beyond control.

It becomes something for the greater good.

Something for the sake of plain simplicity.


True understanding of what is unfair.

Missing In Action

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I realize I haven’t posted anything in awhile (3 months to be exact), however this blog was never far from thought. I realize those of you who have passed by probably think or have thought I abandoned the site, but I promise you that is not nor is my intention.

Before the new year hit I had written down some things I wanted to either start or do more of which included learning software, a new language, spending more time outdoors (specifically hiking) and enjoying the scenery along side a few other things. I’m aware I put certain things on pause while making room for others and the tricky part has always been trying to make time for it all. That is something I’m always fighting with, but I do still write here and there in my spare time and (like last time) will migrate those entries onto here. I’m thinking I may post them to match the date they were actually written, but I haven’t decided.

On a completely random note, I picked up Battlestar Galactica and I have to say, I’m digging it.

Thanks to all those who have stuck around. Hope 2013 is kind and filled with success!

Will be posting soon.

Alternate Futures

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Torn between emotion and logic.

What was, what is…
Who we were, who we are, and who we are to be.
Between certainty and theory,
what will become of us?

To know, from the deepest part of oneself, yet be presented (continuously) with today’s reality.
A reminder the journey is a long one
if ever we are to reach that point.
The point that haunts us with sweet dreams
where logic doesn’t align with one’s soul refusing to let it all go.

That is the intrigue of alternate futures.

Lessons of Past Lives

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Mist. Fog. Haze…

Unpredictable future cannot be denied.

But, has not one found themselves here once before?

Knowing the outcome, feeling its essence?

Reflections on past encounters show flakes of fact throughout theory.

Doubt rears, it’s his nature, to cause disorientation.

Questioning reason & acquired wisdom.

So much to learn.

Mentally, in craft.

Emotionally, in you.

The many selves, combined.

One self’s present.

Push Play

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Experiences are needed and should be had.

To learn, to grow.

For perception, for enlightenment.

We all have our journey

Individual ones will never cease, but take place for deeper understanding.

Of those some may be seen, waited for, while others are to be discovered. However, evolving is certain.

Light or dark

You will be changed.

Still, throughout, wonder remains with resistance in root.

There will be no pause, the decision.

Moving on, forward, will not be a choice made.

Hope for resistance, hope to be found.